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Teaching Statement

As a Teacher I have helped adult singers find their voice. Given the right tools anyone can sing. I believe in building healthy technique that feels comfortable and free of tension so the student can sing for many years to come. Having strong technique can help the student sing in whatever style they choose. With my classical background I have been able to successfully perform in various styles such as  Opera, Musical Theater, Pop and R&B.
I have helped students with matching pitch and strengthening the voice. Much of what we do as singers is based on sensation. I hope to teach students what a healthy sound feels like to them through various exercises so they can replicate it on their own. Understanding what healthy singing feels like and what physical changes were made to achieve it is key. I always check in with students so they can understand what they have changed inside their instrument to achieve their desired results. Over time, I have helped my students become more confident in their voice and develop a love for the art form.   
As an Asian- American singer creating a learning environment that promotes diversity is very important to me. From my own experience performing works written by Asian Composers and singing roles written for asian singers is especially meaningful to me. It makes me feel represented in the industry and I want my students to feel the same. In my teaching I will expose my students to composers outside the Western Cannon. To increase my own knowledge I have studied Kundiman (Filipino art song), spirituals, and works by composers of color such as Bright Sheng, Tania Leone and Florence Price.

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